28yrs, 28mins

Suresnes Cités Danse / Theatre jean Vilar on January 28th 2011
Storm performed his newest solo creation.

A photo album in motion. The back drop, a video screen, with photos and subtitles adding to the history that´s been told throughout the performance. Storm tells us the insight of his life by starting off, telling us the way he grew up and what his dreams were. Most of all we feel the struggle and the will to a change in life, when we watch the combination of the video in the back, held in a seventies stop motion style in contrast to his dancing, now in 2011. His passion for poetic movement even in times when HipHop dance is mostly known as a competitive form of dance where one has to outshine another gives us more input about the sentimental and spiritual side of the art form.

„I wanted to make sure, people see my highly addictive personality. I love what I do and I do what I love. It becomes a cycle where you never ever want to stop, because the moments are so beautiful, that you just don´t ever want it to end“ he stated.

Even the hideous work of putting a 28minute stop motion movie together which is not really common in the digital era, reveals his love to detail and the truthful nostalgia in his story telling. Very subtile, he wrapped meaningful messages into his narration. „When I was little, you could imagine how we felt as germans. We realized what germans did, and what the war had done to others. You learnt that everything that was german or was from Germany was bad. Our Identity was completely weak. HipHop was the best thing that happened to us! I jumped on it and it made me feel better than anything else before. We travelled the world as HipHoppers, not Germans.“

Now I see Germany different. Berlin used to be the devils capital. Now it´s one of the most vivid and beautiful places on the planet. Our way into the dance, the exchange through friends and through traveling. we have internet now. That´s why I close that chapter. Now people still can and want to relate. My son is growing up on another planet. We had Planet HipHop. It´s a story to tell, a story of the past“

Here´s a glimpse:

a nice discription and report in german: