Art Of Urban Dance

Art of Urban Dance - Team

The Team: Bruce, Eric, Kane, Raph, Locksmith, Seb, Storm, Sonia, Clara

First of all I gotta say, that unfortunately we performed the last Art of urban dance in July 2007. If you´re interested anyways, here is the discription:

In this show we are bringing you the most established „Urban dance forms“ of today, called „Locking, Popping, Bboying, and Housedance/Cubbing“ closer to you. Each one of them has a different background, history, music and vocab.

This stageshow is conceptionalized like a TV gameshow, in which the audience will be asked questions to the different subjects of the urban arts culture and also gets schooled in an entertaining way. While there are different pictures to be seen on a videoscreen and a narrative voice talks about the history, inspiration and other facts, some of the dancers explain the connections by performing the moves. After each lesson the group comes together on stage to show choreography in the particular style talked about.

After all that. the dancers are getting together and perform a virtuous piece in which all the styles are present.

Art of Urban Dance

The biggest reason why this piece was created, was because it was needed.
People that consider us just :“streetdancers“ , don´t realise all the technique, sweat, work and history and the lifestyle behind it. Here we show it. Completely undogmatic and with alot of fun. The stuff will sink into your mind, so you also want to jam like the dancers on stage…..

There are a lot of clips on youtube taking at some of the performances. Just punch in „art of urban dance“

Here are some videos: