Geo Teaser

Choreography and Concept: Storm
Dancers: Discipulos do ritmo and Storm
Time: 65 min
Realisation: Paris 2006

In February 2006 Storm invited the group „Discipulos do Ritmo“ from Brasil to work with him again. This time he had a creation in mind, that should get deeper into the architecture of the Bboy, Lock and Pop movements.

The Geometry and the precision within the spin of every round of footwork while changing speed, groundlevel and space, makes Bboying so dynamic. A big step was to underline it with geometric forms on a videoscreen and using simple geometric lightshapes on the dancefloor.

While shaping all these different figures they are following a rhythm as we do with everything we do, except that regular movements like walking, eating or swimming are by far not as complex, virtuous and aesthetically worked out as they show in this dancepiece. So they present how the abstract version of our everyday life could look like if we played with the tempo of everyday people and the abstraction of normal baed movement.