Men @ Work

Men @ Work
Men @ Work

Two men cought up in the restrictions of their work are pushing the button and break out of their monotonous life, out to enjoy it.

Simplified in „Men @ work“ Kane and Storm are coming on stage as normal people and get into a work lead life as soon as they stamp their shiftcards. While they are seeking for more freedom and creativity in their job, they overdo it and they have to break out, because they disturbed the regular too much with their idea of making a construction worker a more liberated and creative job. Then the party begins….

Time: 15min.
Dancetechnique: Robot, Popping, Locking
Choreography: Karl ‚Kane wung‘ Libanus, Niels ‚Storm‘ Robitzky
Music: Karl ‚Kane wung‘ Libanus, Niels ‚Storm‘ Robitzky
Lights: Jean Yves de Saint Fuscien
Coproducer: Filature/ Mulhouse, Moov’n aktion