Solo 4 Two

Solo 4 Two

Storm talks about Solo for two:
The poetry is within the story, the pictures, the music and the motion. Also I think that „Solo 4 two“ is getting more mature, the older I get. It has a lot of passages where I can improvise at certain parts in the story. That gives me the possibility to update it constantly.

Me Storm and me Niels are both leading through the piece, sometimes Storm is on the screen in the back and Niels is on the dancefloor and sometimes it`s the other way around. They both search for another, try to get along, search for themselves and are dealing with all kind of situations of life in the streets of Berlin. I do a lot of interactions with the video, which gives this creation a different richness.

Solo 4 Two - Dolphin
Solo 4 Two - Butterfly

Time: 27min.
Choreography: Niels Robitzky
Musiccomposition and edition: Niels Robitzky
Lights: Jean Yves de Saint Fuscien
Video: Lesh style production and Niels Robitzky
Coproducer: Theatre Jean Vilar/ suresnes