Ta Limpo

Ta Limpo

In September 2001 I created this piece in Sao Paulo/ Brasil, with the financial help of the Goethe Institut. „Ta Limpo“ means „it’s clean“ on one hand, but something like „okay“ as well, in the brasilien portuguese. I worked it out with the group „Discipulos do ritmo“ a well known dance company from south america. At first I had something completely different in mind, but the second he have seen, that they spoke the same body language and shared completely the same philosophy about the art of dancing, I proposed them a far more difficult concept, that I couldn’t have done with anybody else. Since there was never enough time to work on the move vocabulary or the skill and discipline that was needed.

The theme of „Ta Limpo“ is pretty simple. While growing up as a freelance dancer, you have some moments in life, where you have to get other jobs to pay rent. But while you?re doing this other profession, you stay with your passion and can’t think of anything else but quit as soon as you get a dancejob again. You try to dance wherever and whenever you can, so you won’t get out of shape. Now imagine you own a „Cleaning company“ and you’re are hiring 6 dancers as janitors and you put on some music while working.

„Ta Limpo“ shows a working day of how it could be. It starts with sweeping the floor in a locking manner, has a popping and bboying lunchbreak and finishes with a polishing cloth routine. The big difference to other pieces is, that all choreography is done with a prop in the hands of every dancer on stage, whether it’s a broom, newspaper, bottle or a clean up tissue. The research of movements that are staying within the formula of the styles, was taking up most of our time working on „Ta Limpo“.

Time: 30min.
Choreography: Niels Robitzky
Dancers: Disciplos do ritmo
Musicedition: Niels Robitzky
Lights: Jean Yves de Saint Fuscien
Coproducers: Goethe institution