Traffic - Team

The group „Big Toe“ is Vietnams most famous Bboy group. In December 2006 Storm and Sebastien Ramirez, who also dances in many other choreos along with Storm, were invited by the Goethe Institut and the CCF Hanoi, to produce the first HipHop theatre creation in Vietnam.

Traffic - Silhouette
Traffic - Pointccf
Traffic - Kicktaichi

They both came up with the idea that the known to be chaotic traffic could be a good theme and inspiration for the creation and pretty quick they both had tons of ideas how to interprete the spontanuous threading systems and the antlike loaded motorcycles through their dancestyles. Storm produced the backdrop video, that is projected on the cyclorama while the piece is performed. Through endless entries and exits on stage, synchronised with the music and interactively with the video, the dancers come from the front, the back, left right and on video on the top and on the bottom. This could be the interpretation of a crossing on busy traffic days in Hanoi or also the traffic of the running, walking and fitnessloving people in the early morning on the square in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Through 3 different short stories that are told through video and dance, they express the fact of driving the same roads always under new circumstances. A day in Hanoi, from dawn to dusk!

Traffic Flyer Front

Flyer of the show in Hanoi (Front)

Traffic Flyer Back

Flyer of the show in Hanoi (Back)

Concept and Choreography: Sebastien Ramirez / Storm
Dancers: „Big Toe“, Seb and Storm
Duration: 50min.
Coproducers: Goethe Institute and CCF Hanoi