footwork fundamentals

In late 2006 Storm released an instructional Bboying DVD, called footwork fundamentals. It´s content is conceptionalized for anybody that just starts to Bboy. it explains different styles and exercises as well as it teaches the spacial awareness while executing rotating footwork. Because of it´s complexity it´s also a good reference for anybody that´s into making up routines and choreography.

The idea to produce a video like that came while being on tour teaching our concepts and styles to people that were supposedly „professionals“, but didn´t have a clue about rythm, the approach, posture and energy of our styles. Keeping in mind that it will take years to execute Bboying in a nice way, this DVD might be a nice companion and best support.

Footwork Fundamentals Cover

Duration 117 minutes
Available at:

This is an instructional „B-boying“ DVD. in particular about some footwork styles and concepts performed on the ground. That´s why we also call it downrocking. Since it´s an introduction to the dance and it contains only basics, it´s called „Footwork fundamentals“. The producer „Storm“, started B-boying in the early 80´s when TV broadcasted the facettes of HipHop for the first time in EU.. Soon after, when the dance was plaid out and almost died out, groups and people like these continued: „Aktuel Force“/ France, „Throwdown Breakers“/ Sweden, „Second to None“ and „Awayz rocin tuf“/ England, „Maurizio and Massimo“/ Italy, „Enemy Squad“/ Hungary, „Crazy Force Crew“/ Switzerland, „TDB“, Steve and „Sonny T“/ Germany, and „Battle Squad“/ Germany and Italy with „Storm“ and his Partners „Swift, Speedy and Emilio“. They developed new moves and concepts out of what they once adopted from the New Yorkers. Now, a lot of these precious original concepts are getting lost, because people are often just accumulating moves, without knowing the philosophy of the style they are doing. „Bringing the dance closer“, was the main motivation to produce this DVD.

Storm is showing technique he learned from exchanging with others, as well as things he developed himself.

This DVD is dedicated to the New Yorker B.boys that inspired him the most:
Float (Excel), Chino, Sam / Incredible Breakers
Icey Ice ,Pex/ NYC Breakers
Ken Swift/ Rock Steady Crew
Kwikstep/ Fresh kids
Secial thanx to Wiggles„ Klown, Mr. Freeze and Rob on bass“ for spreading the truth!

„The attitude,the rythms, the dynamics, the fun, the philosophy, the fashion… whatever it was we developed, we wanted it to look „Bronx“. If it turned out to be different, it wasn’t our intention. What’s known as the „European style“ today was created when Bboying went on exile over here. For a long time I wished we had somebody telling us what to do. Another reason why this footage had to be distributed.
Have fun!!!, Storm

promotional clip

Storm on youtube

There are hundreds of videos floating around on youtube by clicking on the button you will be connected to Storms videochannel, which is actually the easiest way finding videos that would represent him and his work.

Storms YouTube-Channel

Stage performances


Filmed in Berlin and used as a reference for what we are working on if we are together. Glitching:


Geometronomics is a show produced in the beginning of 2006. The dancers are „Discipulos do Ritmo“ from Sao Paolo/ Brasil and Storm. These videos are shot on their tour through the netherlands in March 2006. The images can only give some impression about the intensity of action about the performance, definately not about the athmosphere and the magic between, the acting, the dancing, the music, the videoimages in the back and the lighting by Jean Yves.

Solo 4 two

Solo 4 two was created in jan. 2001 and was Storm`s first Solo. The show ripened through the years. Since he always improvised many sections during his performance, he had the chance to vary things from audience to audience. One day the stage was too small for the projection, so he decided to perform between the seats in the audience. Always a new challenge! this creation is already out of its league because of its unique interaction with the video. Storm performed it more than 200 times all over the globe…..and he doesn´t stop.

Storm in Classical context

This was filmed in Burghausen at the „Eve dance festival“. Sadly a theatrical part in the middle is cut out, since the cameraman thought the performance was finished. But the video gives a good representation of the improvisation based piece.


Here´s a little clip of a creation that never made it on tour. We stopped producing it before it was finished. „110“ was the title and our task was to interprete the internet.

The clip you see is just a glimpse.

Freestyles and Practicesessions

This is from Hamburg in 1996. I met up with the crew Enemy Squad for a practice session.

Here´s an improvisation from january 17th 2010 in Havana Cuba.


In the year 2000, Storm wanted to realease another video. But then the market was getting flooded with VHS. He made 100 copies and gave them to his friends. The footage you can see here is a part of it.

Storm in ’94

Storm in ’92 – ’93

Storm in ’98

classic throwdowns

back in the days

in Sweden ’92

rare footage

From 93 to 95 Storm hosted the Tv magazine „Freestyle“ on Viva televisoin. Each time the guests didn´t come, for whatever reason, he took the chance to teach a bit of bboying with a lot of friends that came along.

Battle Squad on „Freestyle“ TV

In 96 Speedy, Swiftrock and Storm were invited to Japans Radiotron. Swiftrock was injured, so Speedy and Storm ended up doing a 15minute messed up showcase. After the showcase they felt so embarrassed that they had to show some skills in the circle. In the beginning of the cypher, Storms legs still felt like Lead, that´s why he´s only doing headspins. But after some time it got better……bad Quality video, but good to watch.

Storm and Speedy in Japan 96

Here is a clip of a jam in the UK from 1998 with Kenswift of RSC / Seven Gems and Maurizio. I just saw the clip recently for the very first time. Steen from Out of Control sent it to me!

Storm Ken Swift and Maurizio in UK 98

The next video is special! Storm herniated a disc in his upper spine in Juli 2003. For about 3 weeks he was in pain, and not even able to do the slightes dancemoves. After that he decided to heal himself with popping-isolation exercises. This video is filmed 4 weeks after the accident. He judged a Bboy competition, so usually he would Break, now here he decided to different…

Storm popping at Battle of the year 2003